How does it work?
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The FlexxiCore® Passive Exerciser is the culmination of decades of therapeutic knowledge and experience.
One branch of that knowledge originated in Japan - where "Goldfish exercise", as it is affectionately known by the Japanese, has a long history... more
Personal & Professional Experience
Health and Fitness
The FlexxiCore® has been experienced by a variety of users over the last 9 years. Here you can read some of them – both Health Professionals and ordinary people – giving their impressions of how it worked for them. For Health Professionals, we have a large portfolio of comments including the log records and completed... more
Features & Benefits
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The FlexxiCore® is designed to be suitable for use by any individual, regardless of age or health condition and can be used by the whole family with satisfaction for all. The gentle starting speed and precisely adjustable speed controls mean that anyone can take it in their stride and find the speed that resonates... more