FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser - User Experiences

The FlexxiCore’s benefits have been experienced by a variety of users over the last 12 years. Here you can read somepassive exerciser with arms by side of them – both Health Professionals and ordinary people – giving their impressions of how it worked for them.

It was recommended to readers of the Stella Loves column of the Sunday Telegraph on 6 January 2013, where the verdict was that it “could transform the way you feel”, explaining that it causes our energy to “flow more strongly, which in turn leaves you feeling fabulous, and has a positive impact on general health. [They] are hugely popular in the Far East. It’s about time we cottoned on over here.”

As well as the written reports and stories given below, you can watch a video recording of an interview on LATalk Live – an internet radio show recorded in Los Angeles on 11 December 2012 here

In the case of Health Professionals we have a large portfolio of comments including the log records and completed questionnaires from over 200 of them who participated in the two phases of Practitioner Trials held in 2005 – 2008. A sample of their comments on their own use of the FlexxiCore can be read below.

Articles summarising the results of these Practitioner Trials were published in Positive Health magazine in 2006, 2007 and 2010.  Practitioners who would like to read a sample of the Case Studies that emerged from these trials can send us a request by email.

FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser

The FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser

Positive Health magazine: Full Report on 1st Phase of Practitioner Trials with FlexxiCore [2006] – read

Positive Health magazine: “Clinical Relief with Use of FlexxiCore” – Report on Practitioner Trials including Use in Clinic [2007] – read

Positive Health magazine: Supervised Use of the FlexxiCore in a Clinic Context [2010] – article by Healthcare Author, Maggie Tisserand. This article covers Maggie’s personal experience – including a family member – and continues with Maggie’s research into Case Studies of use of the FlexxiCore, which you can read here. ]

An article appeared in the Daily Mail on 6 Nov 2010 written by an Osteopath: “an expert reveals the gadgets that really will get you…back in action


BEST LUXURY OPTION – The FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser

CLAIM: Let your body respond naturally to the movement of your feet as the Exerciser swings them rhythmically from side to side.

This releases tension in back and shoulder muscles.

GARRY SAYS: Great for back ­maintenance, but this won’t provide pain relief if you already have a problem. Lie down with your feet on the vibrating ankle rests, and eventually the whole body starts to oscillate – it’s a very nice sensation.

The effect stimulates the circulation, which keeps the soft tissues loose and supple.

User Testimonials:

Here are just some of the comments of the many users who have told us about the benefits of the FlexxiCore after discovering for themselves how effective it can be:


"My last slipped disc was over 10 years ago. This was because of my desk-bound job. It's happened to me twice now. As I result, despite being reasonably flexible because of practising yoga for many years, I was still very stiff. This was particularly bad after strenuous exercise. I would be painfully stiff for days even weeks after this. Nothing seemed to help. I felt old before my time. I was late 30s early 40s at that time.
About two years ago, I moved next door and my new neighbour on hearing about my back problems lent me her Flexxicore Passive Exerciser. It was amazing! It works by encouraging total deep muscular relaxation by it's rhythmic movement of your legs, which travels up your torso. I used it regularly for about a month then found I didn't need to use it as often. (My partner bought me one after week one.) The semi-permanent stiffness had gone! I still use it if I feel I may have overdone it or after a very long walk. I have never felt that blocked up stiffness again since using my exerciser. 15 minutes a day. That's all it takes.
I use the set programmes as they comfortably wind up the motion then take you down again automatically. If I use it during the day I use the second programme which is more energising. In the evening I use the first one because that has a long wind down period so I don't feel raring to go when I should be preparing for sleep.
This machine can't prevent back problems and it does looks like I have more disc problems brewing because I am still chained to a desk 9 - 5.  However using the FlexxiCore regularly again it is definitely helping me. The pains down my legs have all but gone. I get the odd twinge only - usually at work after not moving enough. So I feel it is slowing down the deterioration and I hope, combined with careful exercise, may help resolve the problem without it developing into a full prolapse.
Then a couple of evenings ago the Flexxicore stopped working. I know this is rare because Michele who introduced me to this back saver has had two machines for ages with no problems with either. I was desolate. I needed it working so badly. Anyone who had ever suffered a slipped disk will know why.
Richard Millard couldn't have been more helpful. There were no arguments. He listened, talked my partner through an investigation and then because he happened to be near my place of work, personally delivered the replacement part we needed. As we were able to fix it ourselves with his guidance we got the Flexxicore working again very quickly. Richard did offer to repair it himself. This meant I was without it for only a couple of days which was a huge relief!
What's more, I find I sleep better for using this machine and also, it helps my digestive system. Without going into details your innards get a good massage as well. It's very, very relaxing.
Energy for Health are a very good company to buy from. You will get first class customer service from Richard. I can't recommend them highly enough.
Thank you for supplying a device that really has improved the quality of my life. Thank you  Michele, who not only bought my house but is a lovely wise neighbour and introduced me to the Flexxicore Passive Exerciser and much else besides."
Louise Clarkson - Gloucestershire

I have been using a FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser for about 18 months and I noticed the benefits the first time I used it. I have had chronic back problems since 1992 and have had various forms of treatment for them. I teach and play golf and the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser helps to loosen me up before I play as well as helping to combat stiffness after I play. My back condition led to other problems in my neck, shoulders and legs, but frequent use of the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser has really helped me to function better physically. I developed Fibromyalgia as a by product from my back problems and had struggled for many years to cope with the illness. Since using the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser I have found that I have more energy and am able to get more done. I know from personal experience how effective and useful the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser is and subsequently became a distributor of the product as a result. One customer has overcome sciatica due to regular use of his. Another, no longer has to see her osteopath. I also allow golfing clients to use one before or after a lesson and they all love it because it helps them to swing more freely and alleviates their aches and pains. One of the major benefits of the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser is that it helps with a myriad of issues from sleeping difficulties to migraine relief, back pain to a lack of energy. When you use a FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective it will be in helping you to feel better, easily.
Eric Anthony Moore – Golf Coach, World Golf Teachers Federation

What can I say but thank you so much for the FlexxiCore  – my energy levels have increased so much that I feel years younger. I had pains in my legs and aching feet which have gone now. My circulation, sleep and posture have also improved.
Lily McPherson – Wrexham

I was sceptical about this machine before trying it, but my energy levels are now much higher than they have been for a very long time. 
David McPherson – Wrexham

Kim has had secondary progressive MS since 1979 which has eventually resulted in total paralysis from the waist down and ataxier in his arms…I think that it’s fair to say that the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser has been a real life-saver for Kim…We certainly want to recommend this wonderful passive exerciser to MS patients and anyone else who wants to optimize their health through effortless movement.

Sara and Kim Damskier, Denmark, August 2011

For a 3-page report on Kim’s extraordinary experiences, click here. This includes the following key statements:

    • Within 3 days the mucous was dispersed, and Kim was a completely new person.  It was like witnessing a miracle!
    • In July Kim was called in to the Respiration Center in Aarhus to have his C-pap and mask checked. One of the questions which the doctor asked was, what happened to the problems with mucous?  We of course told him about our experience with the FlexxiCore, and his reply was, “that is exactly our approach: Mucous-loosening through exercise”.  But without the FlexxiCore that was impossible for Kim.  The physiotherapy twice a week could not provide that.
    • A tight, closed hip is now a moveable hip – something which years of physiotherapy had not achieved.
    • A recent European study with Danish participation has further revealed that when the energy-molecule ATP is released through physical activity, it stimulates new bone structure and thereby also the preservation of bone (Professor Peter Schwarz, Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet.)

I was very curious about the FlexxiCore  as I had been suffering with a stiff neck and shoulders. Immediately I could feel my spine begin to relax. The various points of tension started to ease. I look forward to using it, and it’s become affectionately known as the “Wiggle Machine” in our home. Now we are learning new negotiation skills so my husband, 3 sons and I all get a go on it when we want.
Greta Brenman, Kingston-upon-Thames

I find the FlexxiCore  works very well for me as a preventative measure. If for example I’ve been doing very hard physical work and wake up the next morning feeling stiff and aching, 10 minutes on the FlexxiCore seems to loosen me up a lot, and allows me to continue working. After using it for a couple of weeks I felt that my whole spine had loosened up considerably. I experience an immediate sense of relaxation after using it. Other very noticeable changes are improved sleep, and a general decrease in back problems. 
John Wadlow, Devon

I am so glad to have discovered the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser, which has completely changed my energy levels. I use it twice a day, and now feel so much more alive. It helps me to relax and get much better sleep. 
Margaret Richer, Bristol

After using the FlexxiCore for a few days I started to notice some changes. Even though I am only able to run it at quite a slow speed because of my poor health condition, it was clear after 2 weeks that I was enjoying better quality sleep and an improvement in my overall sense of well-being. I enjoy using it on a daily basis. The feeling after using it is like a headache being lifted.
Frank Fallows, Bradford

I am enjoying much improved mobility in my neck, shoulders and back since I began using the ch’i exerciser. I can move more freely and I feel taller than before. I find that regular use of the ch’i exerciser is very balancing and relaxing and overall I feel calmer and more able to cope with a very busy life. I have been wanting to lose weight for quite a long time but have not had the motivation to do so until recently. Since I began using the exerciser I have felt much more focused and able to set and achieve realistic goals.
Jane Chamberlain, Gloucestershire. 

Having purchased one of your FlexxiCores, I am delighted with the results…… Thank you for bringing this revolutionary machine to my attention. I would not hesitate to recommend it to others.
Brian Withers, Worcestershire

I have been using the FlexxiCore  for a few months now. Although I’m a fairly fit and healthy 52-year-old, the FlexxiCore always brings my energy up, starting with a great tingling feeling all over my body as soon as I turn the machine off. The most obvious benefit for me has been the change in my energy levels. I find that I can work longer hours without feeling so tired. I also find I am able to get up earlier without feeling sleepy – I think the relaxation effect is giving me better sleep, as well as increasing energy.
Jonathan Baker, Bristol

Certainly helps to ward off the worst excesses of a heavy gardening session or similar physical exertion when I know I will ache the day after. Loosens the joints likely to stiffen.
Barbara Occleshaw, Conwy

Spasm and pain. It’s my legs again. This time it is bad, the worst relapse I’ve had. Sleep is elusive. Moving is hard. Fatigue gains a hold. A yoga therapist calls weekly. He stretches aching limbs. Oh, when will I be up and walking again? Then an exercise machine* swinging my legs, to and fro, to and fro. Just a few minutes daily, laid on a bed. Slowly at first, then a touch faster. Relaxing. Breathing. Pain reduces. Sleep improves. Fatigue decreases. The peddle exerciser is no longer a chore. I want to do more! Movement is joy. It is back in my body. Down on the floor for twists and stretches. Then on the machine* for ‘rides’, better than ever. With the aid of a chair I get up by myself. Flexibility and wellbeing once lost are reclaimed. “It helps the little muscles too”, the voice on the radio said. The novel walking aid arrived to help balance and foot drag. It is true, I now wiggle my toes and can feel my feet. I do it all daily. It is a pleasure, a treat. Now I’m out through the door, dreaming of striding o’er Exmoor.

Judith Morrison, Exeter – diagnosed with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

*this was the FlexxiCore which was introduced to Judith by Duncan Hulin, Director of The Devon School of Yoga and Shiatsu Practitioner (see below).

Judith recently wrote to us (December 2014) and said this: “Thank heavens for the Flexxicore. It should be the number 1 item the NHS* recommend for those of us who don’t move enough. I’m still bed bound but have been home since May with good care and use the exerciser every day.” She talks more about the FlexxiCore on her website here.  

[*The National Health Service of the UK.]

Testimonial from Duncan Hulin – Director of The Devon School of Yoga and Shiatsu Practitioner: 6th November 2006
In the capacity of a Yoga and Shiatsu Therapist I have been seeing this patient [female: 53] for the past 30 months. I have worked with her using a combination of simple yoga breathing coordinated stretching exercises along with regular Shiatsu treatments, which include passive stretching, manipulation and acupressure.

One area receiving particular focus has been the realignment of her pelvis which gets put out of alignment due to spasms caused by her MS condition. I have noted in recent months since she has been using a FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser (which I introduced her to) an improvement to the degree of misalignment as well as an improvement in her general wellbeing, which I feel has been influenced by the overall improved circulation that the FlexxiCore gives. Having worked as a body oriented Therapist for over twenty years and having seen many clients with MS I am impressed with the positive effects that I have observed in this patient since her use of the machine.
Duncan Hulin MRSS 

Your FlexxiCore has been really useful in rehabilitating the strained sacro-illiac joint in my right hip. This results from a long-standing and gradually worsening imbalance in my pelvis. Over the years I have tried many treatments which helped temporarily, but nothing stabilised this condition, and I had to give up all exercise and use extreme caution to avoid shifting the S.I. joint. Two things then happened to rescue me. A Pilates teacher helped me to learn use of my muscles more evenly; and the passive exercise I get with the FlexxiCore keeps my S.I. joint mobile without straining the cartilage, nor hurting my knee and ankle. My spine isn’t thrown out of line as I am lying flat on the floor, and it is loosened and energised by the fish-like wave motion created by the Exerciser.

The FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser combined with well-supervised Pilates training is an excellent combination for conditions like mine, and I use the Exerciser with my patients as well.  It invigorates and relaxes at the same time, like my chosen therapy, Shiatsu.  Even five minutes on the FlexxiCore makes a difference, and affects mood as well as physical stress.
Terri Goddard – Shiatsu & Acupressure Practitioner (For Terri’s full story, read her letter of appreciation here.)

I have been using a passive exercise machine in its original Japanese format on and off for about 10 years. Recently I upgraded to the FlexxiCore and have been fascinated to find some new benefits. It has loosened up my spine really well. Working with the slower speeds is very relaxing. On a recent visit to my own osteopath she remarked at how much more free my thoracic spine now feels.

The lateral movement stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which has a calming, recuperative effect and helps with the digestive system and sleep. The smooth ride and adjustable speed of the FlexxiCore leave me feeling that my old machine is a bit of an old carthorse in comparison. It is so important in healthcare to have the option to vary parameters according to individual needs, which is what the FlexxiCore’s controls allow you to do.
Dr Nigel Gooding – Osteopath, Chiropractor, Acupuncture

Benefits: energised, looser, less muscular tension, clarity and alertness, improved concentration. I will consider this [for] patients/clients, especially as part of the physical rehab and energy aspects of their programmes.
Dr Grant Pearson – Physician (General Practitioner)

[For me] it assisted recovery of shoulder condition. Increased range of motion in shoulders, without pain. It’s really good for releasing physical stress. I believe it is excellent for lymphatic problems and it certainly bolsters the immune system. A very useful adjunct to home therapy – from ages 8 to 86.
Dr Alan Plenty – Chiropractor

Email from: Titus Foster - Acupuncture & Shiatsu Practitioner
Sent: 28 November 2010 20:44
To: info@energyforhealth.co.uk
Hello Richard. You may remember me. I met you at the Acupuncture conference a couple of years ago and bought a FlexxiCore. Well I have used it virtually daily and rate it highly. For people who want to profoundly relax after a hard days work its brilliant and it’s an excellent aid to sleep. A bit like having a quality treatment on tap any time I want!
One of the great insights of Chinese medicine is that internal tension creates blockage in the way the energy moves in the body and this blockage eventually leads to health problems and indeed is the root of many health issues. I rate and recommend the FlexxiCore highly as a potent and pleasant means to relax, energize and stay healthy. Money very well spent.
Regards Titus Foster

The gentle rhythmic movement seems to release stagnation & blocks in flow of energy, particularly in the abdomen, which has been a problem area for me, and the lower back. My husband has benefited greatly from using the exerciser. As he has M.S. I feel its use for people with conditions like this is very exciting – even when the person feels unable to “take” exercise, it’s still possible to use the FlexxiCore and feel its benefits.
Alison Altman – Aromatherapist

My spine feels now as if it is stretched and opened up – posture definitely improved. It relaxes me, obviously my lower backache and neck & shoulder stiffness are caused by the work I do.   10 minutes on 130 rpm and the aches and pains are gone.
Wendy Calvert – Massage Therapist

The release of back tension each morning is good preparation for my yoga practice. Overall the exerciser loosens the body, releasing tension and back pain.

Carol Godridge -Yoga Teacher, Editor of Scottish Yoga

The whole body feels as if it has had a work-out for minimum effort. Movement becomes more free; muscles are less tense. It is very good for promoting relaxation and sleep. As the machine is adaptable, I believe many people could use it safely, particularly people with static lifestyles or minor health considerations (subject to medical advice). I am delighted with my own results.
Sarah Ideson – Nurse (SRN) and Yoga practitioner

I would definitely recommend the FlexxiCore as it is pleasant and easy to use, it requires no motivation or effort, it is comfortable and very relaxing and it safely achieves positive results. It helps with back problems, digestion problems, bowel problems and lack of energy – depending of course on each individual’s condition. It exercises a lot of the body, including areas that would not normally get exercised, all without any effort.

Peter Smith – Massage Therapist

I have also noticed a better posture, much more relaxed, and less aches and pains. People generally hate exercise but the FlexxiCore does this all for you. I use it in my practice for pain relief and as a pre-treatment relaxation aid. It is helpful to all that have a low energy threshold.

Antoinette Spooner – Massage Therapist