• The Flexxicore Passive Exerciser is an enjoyable way for people to care for their back and look after their general health – in just a few minutes
  • It can help improve energy levels and alleviate back pain, stress and tension
  • Easily controlled and adjustable to suit any age or fitness level

Designed to be suitable for use by any individual, regardless of age or health condition, the FlexxiCore can be used by the whole family with an enjoyable experience for all.

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The FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser

The FlexxiCore is a Class I Medical Device, registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency as a “Continuous Passive Motion Device for Home Use” – Reg. No. CA014496. It has a Heavy-Duty DC Motor which not only gives it a long, maintenance-free life and a smooth ride, but also means that it can accommodate advanced electronic programming and precise controls – unlike the early models that were developed in Japan which had basic AC motors and a single fixed speed.

The gentle starting speed and precisely adjustable speed controls mean that anyone can take it in the stride and find the speed that resonates for their needs – which may differ from a morning session to the evening when a more relaxing effect is called for.

For a thoroughly invigorating session for the very fittest people, the manual mode goes up to 160 beats per minute [160 RPM], while Auto Mode 2 (“Oxygen Mode”) gives an amazing 15-minute workout with the speed accelerating through the ranges rapidly and then back down at the end of the pre-programmed session.

For many of us, male or female, going up to the highest speed range is not necessary, as even at low to medium speeds the pulsing motion generated in the area of the pelvis stimulates the system deeply. Auto Mode 1 (“Leisure Time Mode”) gives an every-day session with the speed changing gradually up to 130 RPM and then gradually down again.

Auto Mode 3 (“Sleep Mode”) gives an even more relaxing session with the speed changing very gradually over the 15-minute duration. This mode is very suitable at the end of the day – especially for those with sleep problems. It is also ideal for those with sensitivity or chronic health conditions that would find a faster speed too demanding.

The manual mode (80 to 160 RPM adjustable in increments of one) is itself the best option for many, including those who develop their own favourite pattern of use, and those who prefer to stay in the very gentle slow speed zone.

Durability: the heavy duty DC motor has a low-friction engineering design that offers a longer life (performs well under endurance tests based on 3000+ hours constant use under 20kg load), smoother ride, and less noise and greater temperature resistance than the 1st-generation machines that were developed in Japan. This motor also gives the capacity for smooth and precise programming with fully adjustable speed controls.

For a more detailed summary of the Features & Benefits, and the Technical Specification, please refer to the Tables below:

Heavy-Duty 45-watt DC Motor for long life and smooth ride, allowing for advanced electronic programming
Adjustable speed controls over broad range – from a gentle 80 to 160 RPM (beats per minute)
Digital timer to set session time, with real-time display – decrementing on screen as time of session elapses
Well padded leg cradles for maximum comfort – soft but hard-wearing leather effect finish
Hand held speed & time controller with digital LCD screen
Auto-modes with 3 pre-programmed 15-minute sessions – speed changes gradually & automatically while you relax
Width of travel is greater than 1st generation  machines in this class
Flexible support for the leg cradle – allowing for adjustment to any body size and shape
Elliptical oscillating movement of the leg cradle allows the hips to swing naturally
Reliable and well-tested engineering design suitable for use in all temperatures
Sturdy yet elegantly-designed integral carrying handle
Elegant curved design with good width to give stability
Durable maintenance-free engineering design, which gives a much smoother ride than the 1st generation machines of this class that were developed in Japan
Suitable for any age or fitness level, and adaptable to use exactly as YOU decide
Good and accurate control at all times, which you can easily check on the remote hand controller’s LCD screen
More comfortable on the ankles than the hard plastic leg cradles of 1st generation machines
Easy to control while in use, and easy to check on status at any time
Choose one of the 3 available auto-modes to suit your mood and objectives at any time
Gives much greater degree of mobilization of the whole back
Designed so that the angle of the leg cradle adjusts to the user’s height & weight, unlike the rigid structure of 1st generation machines
Designed to allow the hips to swing more naturally than the flat movement of 1st generation machines
Greater adaptability and temperature resistance (capable of use even in cold temperatures) than 1st generation chi machines
Easy to carry, transport and store
Attractive design with no sharp edges.
Technical Specifications  
Weight 15.65 lbs. / 7.1 kg without packaging; 18.75 lbs. / 8.5 kg with packaging
Dimensions 18.5 in. x 13.75 in. x 10.25 in. / 47cm x 35cm x 26cm
Voltage For use with 110/120 volt or 220/240-volt version power supplies – 2 options available for N. America & Europe – see FAQ opposite
Motor 45 watt heavy duty DC motor – tested for 3000 hours’ constant use under 44 lb [20Kg] load
Speed range 80 to 160 oscillations per minute in increments of 1
Automated programmes 3 pre-set programmes with speeds changing automatically over 15 minutes
Manual Speed Change controls dial speed change in increments of 1
Width of travel of leg cradle [“width of swing”] 1.75″ – compared with 1.25″-1.5″ travel of 1st generation machines
Power cord length 9.5 ft / 3 meter