Your first session

  • Sit down and place you feet either side of the FlexxiCore so you are centered. Then lie back and place your legs on the leg cradle with your ankles just beyond the cushioned depressions, so that the feet can swing freely.
  • Press the Start Buttonand your feet will start swinging from side to side at a gentle speed of 80 beats per minute (80 RPM).
  • Start with a short time span. If you are reasonably healthy, start at 3 - 4 minutes in Manual Mode, and then build up gradually to a comfortable time over a period of a week or more. If your health is delicate, start with just 1 or 2 minutes, and build up gradually over two weeks or more. The Auto Modes are 15-minute sessions, though you can watch the timer and stop at any time.
  • Drink a glass of waterbefore and after using the FlexxiCore.One of the effects of using the FlexxiCore can be to release toxins from your blood system, as well as the lymphatic system. Water will help to flush them out fast
  • Start at a slow speed. As you turn the dial, the speed increases. It’s good to monitor your feeling as your body responds to the swinging of the leg cradle. This will allow you to discover a speed that sets up a good rhythm for your body. Everyone’s body is a little different, and the adjustable speed control allows you to find the speed that resonates for you – this is what will suit your body best.

General guidelines

  • RELAX: Enjoy the ride! Your body will move rhythmically, responding to the movement of your feet. If you are fairly relaxed, you will experience a wave from all the way to your head as the speed increases, especially from the hips upwards. If you contract your muscles, your body may stay rigid in places and not join the wave. This is not what should be happening! A good way to relax is to focus quietly on your breath passing through your nose. No need to breathe forcefully, as it will deepen naturally during the movement - just watch the breath coming in and out in its natural rhythm. Focus ‘inside’ but not on your thoughts! Playing some relaxing music sets a nice tone and may help to make it a nice, pleasurable experience – which is how you will get the most benefits! You can also focus your attention on any parts of the body where you feel aches or discomfort. This will help to bring relaxation there.
  • Drink lots of water.Toxins need to be moved out of your body fast, otherwise you may feel discomfort. Once this initial detoxification process has happened (possibly over several days after starting regular use) you will feel much better. But keep drinking plenty of water, as the FlexxiCore will continue to help the body flush out the toxins before they build up again. Another reason for drinking water is to help reinforce the FlexxiCore’s action of clearing the body’s memory of ‘bad use’ (postural and other ‘habits’), held by the body at cellular level. The best practice is to drink a glass of water before and after using the FlexxiCore.
  • The Auto-modeswill allow you to relax and let the programme take you through various speed changes over a 15-minute session – so you can completely forget about watching time and using the manual controls if you wish. This does not mean you must use Auto-Mode only for a 15-minute session. You can, if you wish, check the timer and stop the machine at any time. You can also press the dial to go into manual mode at any time, so that you can then adjust the speed yourself as desired.
  • Do not run it too fast, until you know what speed is comfortable for you. Most people will find that the optimum speed for achieving a rhythmic movement and deep but undisturbed breathing is considerably less than full speed. We recommend that only those who are fit and with a strong constitution should run it close to full speed. Please take the time to experiment and feel out what speed is best for you.Flexxicore in use

  •  Regular pose BODY POSITION: Always lie on your back. If you have back or hip problems, make yourself as comfortable as possible. Use a pillow or bolster or a wrapped towel under your thighs if this helps reduce any discomfort around the knees. Place a pillow under your neck/head if you wish. Place your arms at your sides, with hands up to 1 foot away from your body. This is the standard position.

  • OTHER BODY POSITIONS: Once you are familiar with the FlexxiCore, you can experiment with where you place your arms. There are different beneficial effects if you place your hands behind your head, or with arms extended beyond the head (stretching the muscles and ‘thinking long’, but not too tense - a relaxed feeling is better) - as in pictures 2 & 3. 
  • These alternative positions can be done for 2 – 3 minutes each, midway during your regular session, and are illustrated below. Make sure you stay relaxed in these positions even though it’s a little more challenging for the back than the standard position. If you practise staying relaxed your back will benefit from them. Start and finish your session with the standard position (picture 1), with arms relaxed by your side. arms crossed exercise

  • 15 minutes is the maximum. The timer automatically stops the motor after the maximum session time of 15 minutes. Never exceed this in one session. On the other hand, it is fine to have several short sessions during one day. Two or three sessions of 3 to 5 minutes each day is better than one of 15 minutes! One session after getting up in the morning and one in the evening is ideal. If you have sleep problems, use the FlexxiCore before you go to bed – or even if you wake up in the middle of the night (many people find it gives them very relaxing sleep, especially with the Sleep Mode, Auto 3).
  • Lie still afterwards. Lie there for at least 2 or 3 more minutes, or optimally 5 minutes after a 10 to 15-minute session. Enjoy the afterglow of the energy that has been stimulated (often felt as a tingling sensation) while it continues to flow through the body. This is where a lot of benefits occur. The body will usually continue to release tension in this period, especially if you mentally focus on lengthening [gentle stretching] in areas of habitual tension. You may notice spontaneous realignment taking place in this period.
Important Advice
  • We strongly recommend that you make an effort to settle into a daily pattern of using the FlexxiCore, as regular use will bring the most significant benefits. All of these benefits may not become immediately apparent. Although each individual’s experience differs according to their body type and general health conditions, long-term users usually notice that regular use supports a general uplift in the quality of their health – and become long-term enthusiasts!

CONTRAINDICATIONS: There are some situations where the FlexxiCore should NOT be used - please refer to the notice concerning CONTRAINDICATIONS here.
Please note that this is just an introduction to use of the FlexxiCore. A more detailed set of User Guidelines is provided with each FlexxiCore, and should be consulted carefully before use. It contains many hints and tips to allow you to gain maximum benefit. You should carefully read all the product user guidelines.