Features & Benefits of the FlexxiCore Challenger
The most adaptable and versatile way to benefit from Accelerated Exercise Training Technology

  • challengerCombining advanced vibration technology with an oscillating platform
  • Wide and unobstructed platform allows maximum freedom to use in a variety of ways to suit the needs of every individual
  • Easy to use remote control handset with both automated programming and precise manual control options

What are the benefits of “Acceleration Training”?

The major benefit of WBV training is that it accelerates the effects of any exercise, stretch or massage session by increasing the intensity with which the body responds to the forces applied to the muscle groups, ligaments and soft tissue throughout the body. When you switch the power on, the Challenger’s platform starts to simultaneously vibrate to high speed and to oscillate from side to side.

Whatever posture you choose to use, the body is in different ways challenged to respond to the vibration force and the constantly changing tilt angle of the platform. Your body’s inherent ability to adjust itself to these forces so as to stay in balance means that your muscles are being exercised without conscious effort on your part. This use of your body’s full range of proprioception senses is both invigorating and an important way of staying flexible. Without using this capacity, adults will slowly lose the flexibility and strength of our inherent athletic capabilities over time.

Integral Control Panel at platform level

Easy to use remote control handset

Choose between manual mode (with 10 speed levels) and one of three automated programs

Three automated programs giving you the choice of a relaxing or more intense workout
Session duration timer controlled by remote handset in manual mode
Session time indicator - visible throughout your exercise session in manual or automated program mode
Broad platform (77cm wide) which allows you to comfortably adopt any exercise or stretching stance without obstruction
Integral rollers at one end and handle at other end
No physical obstruction above platform so that exercises and stretches can be freely performed in any direction
Precisely control speed / frequency settings, and toggle between automated and manual modes
Use manual mode for individually controlled sessions, or one of the three programs which automatically vary the speed / frequency of vibration and oscillation
You can choose the program which resonates best for you, depending on what exercises or stretches you want to use, and your objectives at the time
Precisely set the timing of session duration
Readily monitor the time elapsed and the time remaining of your session
Exercise and stretch feely, whether standing with one or both feet on the platform, or sitting on or off the platform
Allows anyone to easily move the Challenger by dragging it across any even floor surface
Technical Specifications
Power Rating 220-240 volts; 85 watts 
Product weight 18 kg
Product weight with box and packing 20 kg
Power cable length approximately 1.9 meters
Dimensions 77cm x 46.5cm x 13.5cm
Box Dimensions 91 x 53.6 x 16 cm
Features 3 pre-set auto programs + manual program with 10 speed levels
Timer 10 minute default session (automatic cut-off at 10 minutes). Session time can also be manually set to desired duration of 1 to 9 minutes.