Flexxicore Challenger Overview


Whole Body Vibration Training and the Flexxicore Challenger

Combining the technology of the specialist Whole Body Vibration Training equipment with an innovative design format suitable for use at home by anyone. Whole Body Vibration Training is a form of high-intensity body training originally developed by Russian scientists to help their astronauts recover from muscle atrophy and to help their Olympic athletes improve their flexibility and strength.

Whole Body Vibration Training challenges the body to raise its game, with muscle groups responding to the vibration of the platform very much faster and with greater intensity than during normal exercise. The result is a high-intensity workout in just a few minutes that is extremely efficient in exercising and toning muscles throughout the body. The FlexxiCore Challenger was developed with the aim of making this valuable technology available to people of all ages and fitness levels

The beauty of the FlexxiCore Challenger is its versatility. As well as various standing and squatting postures and stretches, the user can experience the exercising, stretching and toning of different muscle groups while training in many positions. Everyone can find their own way to use it at their own comfort level. It is especially beneficial for those who find it difficult to get dynamic exercise.

The Challenger can be used for massage and toning of the limbs with minimal effort for those  less able to exert themselves.

The Challenger’s control panel is neatly accommodated at platform level and is coupled with a remote handset. There are 3 pre-set programmes which continuously alter the speed during the course of a 10-minute session. The FlexxiCore Challenger can be easily moved around thanks to the rollers conveniently attached at one end and it stows away very easily thanks to its flat shape.

With its all-round versatility and an affordable price, the FlexxiCore Challenger really is a wonderful asset for the home in helping to maintain the whole family’s health and fitness in a brilliantly enjoyable way.

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