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“Thank heavens for the Flexxicore. It should be the number 1 item the NHS recommend for those of us who don’t move enough.” Judith Morrison
Duncan Hulin, Director of The Devon School of Yoga and a Shiatsu Practitioner, introduced one of his patients, Judith Mossison, to the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser as a way of treating the chronic misalignment of her pelvis, which gets put out of alignment due to spasms caused by her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) condition. Duncan was impressed with the positive effects observed since her use of the machine, while Judith has written a poem about the joy she feels from the extra potential for movement which the FlexxiCore has given her.

"The FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser combined with well-supervised Pilates training is an excellent combination for conditions like mine..."     Terri Goddard, a Shiatsu & Acupressure Practitioner, participated in the Practitioner Trials of the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser in 2007. She had herself suffered witha long-standing and gradually worsening imbalance in her pelvis. Over the years she tried many treatments which helped temporarily, but nothing stabilised this condition. She had to give up all exercise and use extreme caution to avoid shifting the sacro-illiac joint. The she discovered two things that in combination helped her: she says “the FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser combined with well-supervised Pilates training is an excellent combination for conditions like mine, and ....."
"My life has been transformed by the FlexxiCore Challenger" Alison Lapper MBE As soon as I saw the FlexxiCore Challenger I realized that I needed it to exercise in order to revitalize my body. At first I could only use it at the slowest speed for a very short time and required someone to support me as I could not balance. Within two weeks I was up to speed 3 and could balance on it alone but only for 2 to 4 minutes. I had no strength to stand for any longer. Soon I was up to speed 4 and standing alone for 5 to 10 minutes. Within two months I was able to use the machine on Automatic Mode by myself for 10 minutes at a time, sometimes twice a day. This pattern continues. I generally feel so much better. I am definitely using muscles in my legs and lower back that I had forgotten about.
FlexxiCore® Enhanced Exercise Products are brought to you by Energy for Health Ltd.

The FlexxiCore Range of Exercise Equipment covers:

  • Continuous Passive Motion – FlexxiCore Passive Exerciser
  • Acceleration Training – also known as Whole Body Vibration Training or WBV – FlexxiCore Challenger


Newly launched FlexxiCore Challenger

Making High-Intensity Exercise Enjoyable & Accessible for All Ages & Fitness Levels